Collaborators at Mauroparravicini BV, Architects since 2009:

  • Mauro Parravicini (director)
  • Matteo Bettoni
  • Eraldo Brandimarte
  • Raymond van den Broek
  • Tülay Bilici
  • Ilaria Costa
  • Michela Cristofani
  • Nathalie Frankowski
  • Cruz Garcia
  • Doris Harding
  • Adriaan Jurriens
  • Michael van der Keur
  • Maarten Kop
  • Jaap Le
  • Elena Leontari
  • Matteo Meschiari
  • Cristina Cassandra Murphy
  • Claudia Muzi
  • Ruoning Ni
  • Kelly Otter
  • Erica Pellegrini
  • Riccardo Pellizzari
  • Mariana Popescu
  • Gabriele Rinchi
  • Emanuele Risdonne
  • Carolina Sironi
  • Andrea Stevanato
  • Immanuel Tashiro
  • Tijn van de Wijdeven
  • Willem Wopereis

Project partners of Mauroparravicini BV, Architects since 2009:

  • Rebecca Agnes
  • Laura Alvarez
  • Francesco Besozzi
  • Peter Booms
  • Edwin Bos (Rred communications)
  • Willemieke van den Brink (Echter ontwerp)
  • Francesco Garofalo (Openfabric)
  • Luca Pietro Gattoni
  • Andrea Gerosa
  • Marco Ghielmetti
  • Kai van Hasselt (Noha)
  • Maurice Hermens (Royal HaskoningDHV)
  • Pieter Janssens
  • Anne-Marth Kuilder (Ministerie van Onverwachte Zaken)
  • Rene Louter
  • Fred Lubben (Bureau Broersma)
  • Mecanoo International
  • Marcel van Lieshout (Move Mobility)
  • Pavel Matyska
  • Marco Prestini
  • Marta Roy Torrecilla (Kartonkraft)
  • Martine van Oostveen (Royal HaskoningDHV)
  • Stefano Seneca
  • Michiel Visscher (Royal HaskoningDHV)
  • Daan Vulkers (Unknown Architects)
  • Keimpke Zigterman (Unknown Architects)

140414_mauroparravicini bvM3 wordpressIMG_0872 BWmatteo mauro

photo: Mauro Parravicini with (1) Erica Pellegrini, Eraldo Brandimarte, (2) with Marco Ghielmetti, Marta Roy Torrecilla, (3) with Gabriele Rinchi, (4) with Matteo Meschiari.

photo: (5) Mauro Parravicini at Mecanoo with Francine Houben and (6) on site with Renzo Piano.

As mauroparravicini architects we believe in a close collaboration between all the parties involved in a project. We involve our clients and consultants from the beginning of the design process in order to share our reciprocal visions. We believe in a global approach to the design, which includes social and technical aspects. Beside our pragmatic research for functional solutions we aim for a built environment based on human needs and responsibility towards natural equilibria.

The top-level international experience of Mauro Parravicini has widely developed within important offices such as Giancarlo De Carlo in Milan, Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Paris, Office for Metropolitan Architecture and Mecanoo in the Netherlands. This allows us to manage and develop projects at any scale, from product design up to urban layouts. Private houses as well as office towers are part of our curriculum. We are paying much attention to sustainability and we believe that natural and technical solutions are not contradictory but complementary.

Our background of knowledge and creativity includes both northern pragmatic clarity and southern sense of materiality and detailing. In this way we develop projects internationally and in particular in the Netherlands and Italy where we are present with our offices and partners.

Our work is often the result of wide international collaborations. We regularly work with consultants, architects, engineers and artists based in different countries.

Mauroparravicini architects is member of the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA). This guarantees our professionalism and respect for our clients.

Please feel free to contact us!


Photo (7): Mauro Parravicini presenting the research of Laura Alvarez Architecture and Mauroparravicini Architects at de Stiel, The Hague.

mauro at Museon

photo: (8) Mauro Parravicini holding a workshop with children at Museon, The Hague, NL. 


photo: (9) Mauro Parravicini during a press interview at the European Parliament, Bruxelles.