photo © Mauro Parravicini, New York City, Oct. 2004

“If we don’t go to 350 carbon parts per million we will see the end of civilization as we know it, perhaps within this century”. 

James Hansen, NASA, 2008

In 1988 we passed the limit of 350, and we are now over 400 ( This is the first time in millions of years that CO2 is beyond 400 ppm.

With the consciousness that the major cause of CO2 emissions and climate change is the construction industry, we are paying much attention to sustainability and we believe that natural and technical solutions are not contradictory but complementary.

Already in 1997 Mauro Parravicini developed a research with the title: “Towards a reversible architecture, between industrialization and environmental sustainability. A project of dismountable and recyclable housing for a contemporary living”, issued at the Politecnico of Milan.

At Mecanoo Architecten he was in charge of developing research and solutions for environmentally friendly designs. He followed a seminary with Michael Braungart, co-author of the revolutionary Cradle to Cradle ® design concept. This concept is founded upon three fundamental principles: waste equals food, use current solar income, celebrate diversity. We constantly collaborate with experts in this field, such as Royal HaskoningDHV in The Netherlands, and our Italian partner arch. Marco Ghielmetti, certified consultant of KlimaHaus, an international agency for energy saving building design.

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